Yoga Foundations: Embrace the Beginning

With Kimber Keplinger Downtown Yoga Studio May 7, 2017 – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Fees:  $15 SB Members  $30 Non-Members This workshop is for beginners and “refreshers” seeking a knowledgeable foundation in the basics of yoga  asana (poses) to better glide through a group class, or a personal, private practice with confidence and ease. […]

// New Mobile App Alert!

NEW SPORTSBARN MOBILE APP RELEASED, REPLACING OLD APP COMPLETELY This *NEW* app will completely replace our original app. Member action is required – you must download and register your membership on the new app by 12/31/16. NOTE: The *OLD* mobile app will be discontinued on 12/31/16. This is what the old app looks like: This is […]

NOTE: The *OLD* mobile app will be discontinued on 12/31/16.

This is what the old app looks like:


This is what the new app looks like:


Thank you for your help. Please see our front desk

at any location for questions about the new mobile app. 

Kick and Condition

KICK UP YOUR WORKOUT WITHOUT THE BRAWL! Increase weight loss and transform into the best shape of your life with a kicked-up fight between you and the bag! This dynamic new boxing, kickboxing, and strength training program will improve your core strength, mobility, coordination, and overall condition. Challenging 30-minute sessions target the stomach, shoulders, low […]

Innovative Cycling Experience Has Arrived

The Sportsbarn downtown club has performed a complete studio overhaul with innovative Spinner® Blade ION™ bikes with RPM Display, and new real-time results tracking through large monitor displays with Performance IQ technology. Sportsbarn is calling the studio CYCLE45 and it will be at the North club location starting this fall. “This studio upgrade/facelift has refined the group fitness […]

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