Billy Ringold

// Member since 2014

Retired from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Billy Ringold has been a member on and off for many years. He is retired from BCBS. He has always been athletic and a runner and has ran several half-marathons. Growing up, Billy exercised for athletic reasons. As he got older, he used exercise to stay healthy. Now he uses exercise to recover.

At age 54, Billy had a massive stroke that left him unable to care for himself. He spent the next 3 years recovering and trying to get to a point where he would live on his own again. Over time he has regained some strength and continues to get stronger.

In 2014, Billy rejoined the Sportsbarn and began training with Teresa Wade twice a week for 1 hour. Over the last 2 (going on 3) years, Billy has gotten stronger in many areas including cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. He is able to live on his own and gets to do most of what he loves to do again. In the summers, Billy goes to Sportsbarn East and enjoys the pool and cookout events.

He continues to work with Teresa and does his own workouts to keep getting stronger.

Billy would like to thank the members and staff of the Sportsbarn for their help, hospitality, and support.

[Billy Ringold pictured with Sportsbarn Trainer and Instructor Teresa Wade]