Turkey Trot

Results from 2017 SportsBarn Turkey Trot Overall Age Group Awards Kiddie K Enjoy a Thanksgiving Morning tradition in Chattanooga! The Sportsbarn Turkey Trot offers something for everyone and is a dog-friendly event! Thursday, November 23, Thanksgiving day. Event details and schedule 9am-6pm at Sportsbarn East on Lee Hwy. 8k Run 3 Mile (5k) Walk 1 […]

New Circuit-Training Studio Coming to Sportsbarn Downtown Club

Sportsbarn is launching a **new circuit training studio concept** called Training Zone. We’re aiming to make this the best group fitness studio workout option in the scenic city. Here are some exciting features of Training Zone: Workouts will combine strength, cardio, and conditioning in an interval-style format. There will be four interval stations, including: Treadmills, […]

Kick and Condition

KICK UP YOUR WORKOUT WITHOUT THE BRAWL! Increase weight loss and transform into the best shape of your life with a kicked-up fight between you and the bag! This dynamic new boxing, kickboxing, and strength training program will improve your core strength, mobility, coordination, and overall condition. Challenging 30-minute sessions target the stomach, shoulders, low […]

Innovative Cycling Experience Has Arrived

The Sportsbarn downtown club has performed a complete studio overhaul with innovative Spinner® Blade ION™ bikes with RPM Display, and new real-time results tracking through large monitor displays with Performance IQ technology. Sportsbarn is calling the studio CYCLE45 and it will be at the North club location starting this fall. “This studio upgrade/facelift has refined the group fitness […]

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Turkey Trot
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Sportsbarn Sprint 2015 Overall

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Turkey Trot
Sportsbarn Sprint
Turkey Trot

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