Ashley Coulter

“I started Circuit Breaker shortly after joining Sportsbarn. I immediately realized my lack of effort in my own routine and knew I needed the extra challenge. After just a month of Lisa’s classes, I noticed improvement in my endurance and strength which continues to improve throughout my commitment to circuit breaker, yoga, and running.”


“I also enter sporadic fitness challenges that Lisa hosts. I’ve participated in two kettlebell challenges and just finished a burpee challenge on June 30th. Burpees are probably my least favorite exercise, so I obviously knew I had to do the challenge (plus 2 friends talked me into it). After the challenge, I no longer dread burpees or cringe at the word. My upper body is stronger, and they built up my cardiovascular endurance. The challenges, circuit breaker, and Sportsbarn have made me a happier and healthier person. Thank you!”