Patty and Larry Wallace re-joined SportsBarn in 2015 and couldn’t be happier with the results they have seen to date. Here’s a quick snapshot of their journey.

“We relocated to Texas in 2013 – Larry took a 2 year contract with a Texas-based company. We leased our home because we knew it was a temporary move. We were in a town of about 90k in population, so it was difficult to find a gym. And what we did find was definitely no comparison to Sportsbarn! But with Larry’s travel schedule we did not go like we did in Chattanooga. In the past, we worked out 4 to 5 times per week. Exercise is such a HUGE factor in our lifestyle. We did not realize this until we ‘got away from it!’

The other factor we had ‘against us’ was that we were maturing! (insert smile emoticon) Which means our bodies were changing. I went to Don Bowman at the East club at the end of May and asked if he could suggest a different nutritional program for us. The exercise was, of course, helping. BUT we wanted better (and faster) results.

June 8th we started our DIET! It is a combination Paleo and Mediterranean plan.

We feel AWESOME!
Young again.
Like our ol’ selves.

Last time we weighed, Larry had lost 22 pounds and I had lost 12 pounds PLUS inches. I have gone down two sizes. We are still on the diet today.

Thanks to Don and Sportsbarn for helping us look and feel great again.”

– Patty and Larry Wallace