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Sportsbarn is Chattanooga’s premier health and fitness club. Since 1979, Sportsbarn has been the fitness leader in Chattanooga. Locally owned and operated, our clubs are uniquely designed to offer personal, hands-on studio experiences, while at the same time providing the upscale amenities of a large club.


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Sportsbarn offers more than 60 classes per week at each of our three Chattanooga fitness clubs. These classes are complimentary for members. Our group fitness instructors are among the best in their fields, always training and staying up to date on the best way to help you achieve fitness results.

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Fitness is a journey … let us be your guide. We invite you to visit us. Your first three visits are free, and we promise to do our best to make you feel at home.


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Personal Training


If it’s not personal, it’s not possible

One-on-one training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goal whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. To connect with a trainer today, contact Teresa Wade at 423.991.9691 or visit: Personal-fitness.com

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Small Group

We are stronger together

Camaraderie, fun, accountability, and personal attention make small group training one of the most effective training options. Join a group today. Downtown: Teresa Wade, 423.266.1125. East: Carolyn Batten, 423.855.0091.

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3 Sessions

When the going gets tough, the tough get training

New to exercise? Not sure if training is right for you? Maybe you have been working out a while and just need a training tune-up. This 3-session, one-time offer is perfect. A nationally certified personal trainer will work with you to show you the essential skills and answer your fitness questions.

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Stand on the shoulders of giants

Private and semi-private training is available to non-members. Price includes use of all club amenities on day of training with the exception of child care.

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Shape the way you feel

Pilates (pi-LAH-teez) is a form of body conditioning developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates is intelligent, functional exercise for optimal, lifelong well-being. With a strong commitment and consistent practice two to three times a week, you may find Pilates to be the anti-aging ‘drug’ you’ve been looking for. If you open yourself to becoming a true student of the technique, the promise of Pilates can become your reality.

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Testimonials //

Sportsbarn Member
Member since 2004

“Don Bowman, along with his superior Staff, has encouraged & instructed me in total wellness since I began several years ago. I have so many people tell me they cannot believe I am the age that I am and are impressed with my physical condition. THANK YOU Sportsbarn!”

Member since 2015

“This is a great facility with a great clientele. It never feels overly crowded. It is always clean, and there are always fresh towels available. I have been encouraged by the staff to use my membership to stay in shape and enjoy socializing with other members.”

Patty & Larry Wallace
Member since 2015

“Last time we weighed Larry has lost 22 pounds and I had lost 12 pounds PLUS inches. I have gone down two sizes. We are still on the diet today. Thanks to Don and Sportsbarn for helping us look and feel great again.”

Ashley Coulter
Member since 2014

“I started Circuit Breaker shortly after joining Sportsbarn. I immediately realized my lack of effort in my own routine and knew I needed the extra challenge. After just a month of Lisa’s classes, I noticed improvement in my endurance and strength, which continues to improve throughout my commitment to circuit breaker, yoga, and running.”

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Monday – Thursday // 4am – 10pm

Friday // 4am – 9:30pm

Saturday // 7am – 7pm

Sunday // 8am – 7pm

Sportsbarn North Kids Korner Hours



1790 Hamill Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37343


(423) 870-2582


Monday – Thursday // 4am – 10pm

Friday // 4am – 9:30pm

Saturday // 7am – 7pm

Sunday // 8am – 7pm

Sportsbarn East Kids Korner Hours



6148 Lee Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37421


(423) 855-0091


Monday – Thursday // 4am – 10pm

Friday // 4am – 8pm

Saturday // 6am – 6pm

Sunday // 8am – 6pm

Sportsbarn DT Kids Korner Hours



301 Market St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402


(423) 266-1125