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Sportsbarn has been voted Chattanooga’s best health and fitness club for 9 straight years. For 40 years, Sportsbarn has been the fitness club leader in Chattanooga. Our three boutique-style clubs are uniquely designed to offer CIRCUIT, CYCLING, YOGA, SWIMMING, WEIGHTS/MACHINES, TRAINING & MORE while providing the upscale amenities of a large fitness club.

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Sportsbarn offers more than 60 classes per week at each of our three Chattanooga fitness clubs. Sportsbarn recently launched Training Zone at the downtown club. Training Zone is a circuit-training, group-based workout utilizing interval stations for cardio, strength and conditioning. These classes are complimentary* for members and designed to offer a variety of fitness options, because modern fitness requires modern options. Our group fitness instructors are among the best in their fields, always training and staying up to date on the best way to help you achieve fitness results. (*BarreOne is one of our partners in fitness and their classes are available for an additional fee.)

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If it’s not personal, it’s not possible

One-on-one training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goal whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. To connect with a trainer today, contact Teresa Wade at 423.991.9691 or visit: Personal-fitness.com

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Small Group

We are stronger together

Camaraderie, fun, accountability, and personal attention make small group training one of the most effective training options. Join a group today. Downtown: Teresa Wade, 423.266.1125. East: Carolyn Batten, 423.855.0091.

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3 Sessions

When the going gets tough, the tough get training

New to exercise? Not sure if training is right for you? Maybe you have been working out a while and just need a training tune-up. This 3-session, one-time offer is perfect. A nationally certified personal trainer will work with you to show you the essential skills and answer your fitness questions.

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Stand on the shoulders of giants

Private and semi-private training is available to non-members. Price includes use of all club amenities on day of training with the exception of child care.

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Testimonials //

Amanda Lynn Browning
Member since 2014

“Sportsbarn is more than a fitness facility, it is a community of like-minded individuals who support each other inside, and outside of the gym. The atmosphere at the Sportsbarn is and always has been warm, knowledgeable and inviting. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious the moment you set foot inside.”

Tania, Retired Educator
Member since 2008

“I want to thank you for hiring Imara Young. She is a wonderful instructor. I have been a member since the Sportsbarn first opened. There has never been an instructor that made the class so much fun. She obviously knows what she is doing. Each dance works on a different part of the body which gives us a complete workout. She knows how to give cues at the right time with both her voice and her body. She is extremely motivating, makes contact with everyone in the class, and has the most contagious smile I have ever seen. By the end of the class everyone is smiling. She motivates with her positive attitude. We all love her.”


Sportsbarn Member
Member since

“Over 50, look good, and feel good thanks to my encouragers at the Sportsbarn.”

Sportsbarn Member
Member since

“The Sportsbarn has a great staff and super clean facility. I enjoy and look forward to going to the Sportsbarn everyday!”

Member since 2010

“For most of my life, I attempted to work out alone with little true success. Group Fitness Classes at Sportsbarn changed everything for me! The benefits of social support, the friends I’ve made, and the awesome instructors in group fitness classes help me maintain long term momentum. A special shout out to Lisa Blevins and all the people from Circuit Breaker – excellent class!”

Member since

“I have found the staff friendly, professional, and responsive to my needs. The variety of equipment and offerings afford me the opportunity to keep my physical fitness activities dynamic and not routine. I recommend the Sportsbarn to anyone interested in their personal health. It has become a way of life for me…and can be for others as well.”

Member since 1996

“I have been a member of the SportsBarn for exactly 20 years now. For me, the Sportsbarn offers everything I need for my personal fitness programing. I have make many friends, and have many business connections that are also members. The quality of the facilities and programming are second to none in Chattanooga.”

Member since 2013

“The instructors have become my friends. The yoga classes have made me a completely different runner.”

Member since 2006

“I really enjoy the yoga classes at the Sportsbarn. Brian at the front desk is a great guy- always smiling and willing to help you out.”

Sportsbarn Member
Member since

“I must brag on Lisa Blevins. Lisa offers a very high level of expertise in her training classes that most people would be forced to pay high dollar for elsewhere.

I’ve taken Circuit Breaker and Kettle One from her over the years and have never been disappointed. She has worked with me during injuries and offered modifications to get me back on track.”

Sportsbarn Member
Member since

“The Sportsbarn’s instructors are the most distinguishing factor from every other club. There is something for any workout mood I’m in. Plus, the Sportsbarn is always evolving with new fitness options, like a designated yoga studio, barre studio, and upgraded spin room, while still maintaining consistency of class times and instructors.”

Member since 2010

“I am 72 years old. I have exercised all of my life. The staff at Sportsbarn North are always encouraging me and happy to see that I continue to exercise. It is part of my life. I can’t say enough about the staff at North. They are friendly and knowledgeable.”

Member since 2014

“The Sportsbarn is a great way to start off my day. I look forward to going to the Sportsbarn every week before work. You’re always greeted with friendly staff and a clean facility.”

Member since 1999

“I appreciate the Sportsbarn, staff, and leadership for allowing me to have numerous quality fitness options as my interest and activity levels have changed over the years. Whether I have worked to recover from an injury, enjoyed the brother/sisterhood of handball, or explored the mind, body, soul rewards of yoga, the Sportsbarn has always had the answer.

Much of this is the result of the Sportsbarn always striving to move forward , always striving to make itself, and thus, its members’ experiences better. Thank you!”

Sportsbarn Member
Member since 2004

“Don Bowman, along with his superior Staff, has encouraged & instructed me in total wellness since I began several years ago. I have so many people tell me they cannot believe I am the age that I am and are impressed with my physical condition. THANK YOU Sportsbarn!”

Member since 2015

“This is a great facility with a great clientele. It never feels overly crowded. It is always clean, and there are always fresh towels available. I have been encouraged by the staff to use my membership to stay in shape and enjoy socializing with other members.”

Patty & Larry Wallace
Member since 2015

“Last time we weighed Larry has lost 22 pounds and I had lost 12 pounds PLUS inches. I have gone down two sizes. We are still on the diet today. Thanks to Don and Sportsbarn for helping us look and feel great again.”

Ashley Coulter
Member since 2014

“I started Circuit Breaker shortly after joining Sportsbarn. I immediately realized my lack of effort in my own routine and knew I needed the extra challenge. After just a month of Lisa’s classes, I noticed improvement in my endurance and strength, which continues to improve throughout my commitment to circuit breaker, yoga, and running.”

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Ours Partners //

North Hours

Monday – Friday // 5am – 8pm

Saturday // 8am – 6pm

Sunday // 9am – 6pm

Kids Corner Hours

At this time, Guest Passes are not available.


1790 Hamill Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37343


(423) 870-2582

East Hours

Monday – Friday // 4am –  9pm

Saturday // 7am – 7pm

Sunday // 8am – 7pm

Kids Corner Hours

At this time, Guest Passes are not available.


6170 Lee Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37421


(423) 855-0091

Downtown Hours

Monday – Thursday // 5am – 8pm

Friday // 5am – 7pm

Saturday // 6am – 2pm

Sunday // 8am – 2pm

Kids Korner Hours

At this time, Guest Passes are not available.


301 Market St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402


(423) 266-1125